Who i am

Once I hit high school I realized that I was more than likely going to be one of the quiet yet talkative student in my class. What I mean by quiet yet talkative is when I get around my friends I talk nonstop with them. My friends and I kind of drifted apart except for one of them which is my best friend. My best friend has been here for me ever since last year.

Back in grade school my best friend moved and i have kind of been a loner ever since then but, she came back last year on bad circumstances. I still feel bad for her even though she doesn’t want me to but secretly I do. Moira is still breaking my anti-social shell she’s taking me along with her and her other friends on car rides and stuff to just hang out.

My grandma says that I could get a lot of social skills on our vacation in a few days. My family and I are going on a cruise because my aunt is getting married so their is going to be a lot of people there on the boat. I really don’t mind people at all but, it’s all the talking and stuff i half to do that bothers me. When I do talk I have trouble speaking up I think I’m just a naturally quiet person who is meant to be quiet all the time (aha yeah right). People can’t force a quiet person to be loud all of a sudden and talk all the time it takes time to warm up to different people.

I’ve always had a talking problem at first it started out as a speech impediment where i couldn’t pronounce anything at all. To where i talked really fast and, now I don’t like talking at all. I don’t really talk in public unless it’s with my grandma or my best friend’s family and that’s about it.  Sometimes I always talk myself out of talking to other people like I have a deep conversation with myself about not talking to people I’m just weird.

Last year my English teacher kept me after school to talk to me. I wasn’t to thrilled about it but, I talked to her if it meant she would get off my back. Like I said i don’t like talking unless I really know you and, I really didn’t know her so i never really liked talking to her all she did was make the situation worse for me. One time I saw her at Dollar General and she told my grandma about me not talking much and how when I did talk it was a mumble and even my grandma told her I have trouble with talking and speaking up. (grandma to the rescue!)

My family thinks I need to just work on talking with my friends. When I really think about it they may actually be right about that. Maybe if i talk more i will be comfortable talking to other people and more outgoing.


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