night quote 3

(76) It’s over. God is no longer with us.

A Rabbi had told Elie that everything was done there is no more hope left for anyone. No matter how much this rabbi prayed he felt like nothing was working and that god had nothing more planned for them because, he was beginning to think that there was no god. Everyone at this point was losing hope, nothing had gotten any better for them since they have been put in concentration camps. It’s all just either good days or bad days nothing more. This is also really sad to just picture in your head. Many Jews just working around not having any hope left in them. Most of them are just skin and bones with hardly any clothes in winter. Jews with cold swollen feed, Cold bodies working their tails off just so they can stay alive and see another day whether it’s cold, sunny, rainy, snowing. They all just want to be able to see things go back to the way they were.


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