You were born an original don’t die a copy~John Mason

I’m a high school student in southern Kansas. I’ve been in this area since i was about three to four years old. I really love drawing and a maybe a little bit of reading sometimes though i really just love to watch movies with my family when they’re all actually back home. My actual absolute favorite ┬áthing to do is to hang out with my friends. Like i could straight up be watching Netflix and they could ask me to hang out (i’d be watching Disney movies so no big deal sorry moira) and i’d be like “heck yeah!” and then i’ll just leave my house.

A lot more things that define who i am is that i have been through many things starting at when i was born. I was sorta in a way gave up to my grandma. My grandma has raised me and my oldest brother. She got my brother at the age of five years old. Me and him have a ┬áhard time understanding why our mom didn’t want us at the time but now were kind of like eh we don’t care anymore it’s her loss. (my grandma is the real mvp)

My family has kinda been a wreck since 2005. We lost an important member of our family in February 2005 my grandpa Jim was like my dad not my grandpa. He adopted my mom and my aunt Brandy when him and my grandma got together. He shaped my family and ever since he passed away my family hasn’t really been the same. But i think i can say that now were all kinda just getting back on our feet like almost 12 years later.