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Night quote 4

(92) But death hardly needed their help. The cold was conscientiously doing its work. At every step, somebody fell down and ceased to suffer.

The first line is saying that a lot of people are trying to kill themselves because they feel like there is no god so that means there is no purpose to be alive. They feel that they have wasted their time praising god. Other people were blaming the cold for taking so many people. Everyone was freezing to death since it was so cold. Since it was so cold everyone would stop and try to get warm but, stopping meant they would get shot so with every step someone got shot because another person stopped to get warm or take a break. This is sad because these people hardly had any clothes and all those nazis had on more layers including their uniform. This is another sign of dehumanizing Jews.


night quote 3

(76) It’s over. God is no longer with us.

A Rabbi had told Elie that everything was done there is no more hope left for anyone. No matter how much this rabbi prayed he felt like nothing was working and that god had nothing more planned for them because, he was beginning to think that there was no god. Everyone at this point was losing hope, nothing had gotten any better for them since they have been put in concentration camps. It’s all just either good days or bad days nothing more. This is also really sad to just picture in your head. Many Jews just working around not having any hope left in them. Most of them are just skin and bones with hardly any clothes in winter. Jews with cold swollen feed, Cold bodies working their tails off just so they can stay alive and see another day whether it’s cold, sunny, rainy, snowing. They all just want to be able to see things go back to the way they were.

Don’t cry

(53) Bite your lips little brother…Don’t cry. Keep your anger, your hate, for another day, for later. The day will come but not now… wait. Clench your teeth and wait.

Reading this quote it made me happy to see that Elie had another person to look out for him besides his dad. He had someone to make sure that he was okay and, to make sure that he keeps his emotions under control before he lost it. This girl saved Elie’s life actually because if she would have  never showed up when she did Elie probably would’ve went to beat up the soldier that had beat him up in the first place. Then after the war was over he saw her again which is crazy! Out of all the people he could’ve met he met her. I think it would’ve been pretty to meet the person who helped you out through a really bad time. It would be a pretty amazing reunion to have something like that happen to you. 

(26)Our nerves had reached a breaking point. Our very skin was aching. It was if madness had infected all of us. We gave up.

Reading this quote I felt their fear. I could tell that they were just so terrified about what was coming for them. They all finally felt that it wasn’t the end of this nightmare it was just the beginning of the torture from the Germans. Some didn’t know that they were going to get killed, others didn’t know they would be tortured and forced to work. This just made me feel even more sad for all these innocent people because they all never deserved any of this. I don’t understand how so many people could do this to so many innocent people. During this quote I could picture all of these people just looking terrified their faces just super pale looking at this woman saying “Fire! Fire!” These people shouldn’t have to feel scared they shouldn’t half to be moved just for being Jewish.

To kill a mockingbird

In my English class we have just finished reading To Kill A Mockingbird.

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I glued things to describe Miss Maudie to my shoes
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Miss Maudie really liked flowers

For my project I got Miss Maudie. She’s a nice elderly woman who is always looking out for the kids and, their dad. Miss Maudie is always teaching the children lessons ,but mostly Scout. Scout is the youngest child that Miss. Maudie is always looking out for. She’s turned around Scout’s unreasonable behavior from when she was telling weird stories about Boo up to where she was doubting her dad.  After the children’s dad had the trial she helped the kids understand how the trial was unfair because the whites are never fair to the blacks. After that Miss. Maudie gave Jem a bigger piece of cake to show how she knew he was getting older ,but is still a kid in her eyes. The purpose of my project is to walk in Miss. Maudie’s shoes and see stuff from her point of view.

In the beginning of the book I thought Miss. Maudie was going to be a grumpy old lady ,but it turned out that Miss. Maudie was actually a very nice lady who loves to be outdoors and talking to the children.  

On page fifty- seven it says….Miss. Maudie and I would sit silently on her porch, watching  the sky go from yellow to pink as the sun went down, watching flights of martins sweep low over the neighborhood and disappear behind the schoolhouse rooftops.

To me this quote says that Miss Maudie loves to watch the sky and just relax with Scout. It shows to me how she loves to just spend that extra time with Scout and the Other children on summer nights.

Miss Maudie also teaches the kids many lessons on their behaviors like on page sixty-one. The things that happen to people we never really know. What happens  in houses behind closed doors secrets.

This quote is saying that you will never know what’s going on with someone behind closed doors. They could be getting abused and, you would never know. The only way you could know is if they tell you. She is also saying that you can’t always assume something about somebody that you don’t know is true or not.

To describe Miss. Maudie i put an angel emoji to show how innocent and sweet Miss. Maudie is. I then have shaking hands that are black and white to show that Miss. Maudie is not racist. After those i have a picture of the Finch family, i have them on there because Miss. Maudie really cares about the Finch’s. The flower that i have on my shoes is an Azalea. The azalea is the flower that Miss. Maudie really cares about through the whole book she takes really good care of her Azaleas. I feel like all those things is what makes MIss. Maudie who she is and why she looks at things in her own way.

In my second paragraph i said that i thought Miss. Maudie was going to be grumpy. Now i know that Miss. Maudie is not a grumpy old lady she is a caring nice lady who loves to help whenever she can. I now think of Miss. Maudie as a role model who can help me be the nicest person ever.

Who i am

Once I hit high school I realized that I was more than likely going to be one of the quiet yet talkative student in my class. What I mean by quiet yet talkative is when I get around my friends I talk nonstop with them. My friends and I kind of drifted apart except for one of them which is my best friend. My best friend has been here for me ever since last year.

Back in grade school my best friend moved and i have kind of been a loner ever since then but, she came back last year on bad circumstances. I still feel bad for her even though she doesn’t want me to but secretly I do. Moira is still breaking my anti-social shell she’s taking me along with her and her other friends on car rides and stuff to just hang out.

My grandma says that I could get a lot of social skills on our vacation in a few days. My family and I are going on a cruise because my aunt is getting married so their is going to be a lot of people there on the boat. I really don’t mind people at all but, it’s all the talking and stuff i half to do that bothers me. When I do talk I have trouble speaking up I think I’m just a naturally quiet person who is meant to be quiet all the time (aha yeah right). People can’t force a quiet person to be loud all of a sudden and talk all the time it takes time to warm up to different people.

I’ve always had a talking problem at first it started out as a speech impediment where i couldn’t pronounce anything at all. To where i talked really fast and, now I don’t like talking at all. I don’t really talk in public unless it’s with my grandma or my best friend’s family and that’s about it.  Sometimes I always talk myself out of talking to other people like I have a deep conversation with myself about not talking to people I’m just weird.

Last year my English teacher kept me after school to talk to me. I wasn’t to thrilled about it but, I talked to her if it meant she would get off my back. Like I said i don’t like talking unless I really know you and, I really didn’t know her so i never really liked talking to her all she did was make the situation worse for me. One time I saw her at Dollar General and she told my grandma about me not talking much and how when I did talk it was a mumble and even my grandma told her I have trouble with talking and speaking up. (grandma to the rescue!)

My family thinks I need to just work on talking with my friends. When I really think about it they may actually be right about that. Maybe if i talk more i will be comfortable talking to other people and more outgoing.