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Night quote 4

(92) But death hardly needed their help. The cold was conscientiously doing its work. At every step, somebody fell down and ceased to suffer.

The first line is saying that a lot of people are trying to kill themselves because they feel like there is no god so that means there is no purpose to be alive. They feel that they have wasted their time praising god. Other people were blaming the cold for taking so many people. Everyone was freezing to death since it was so cold. Since it was so cold everyone would stop and try to get warm but, stopping meant they would get shot so with every step someone got shot because another person stopped to get warm or take a break. This is sad because these people hardly had any clothes and all those nazis had on more layers including their uniform. This is another sign of dehumanizing Jews.


(26)Our nerves had reached a breaking point. Our very skin was aching. It was if madness had infected all of us. We gave up.

Reading this quote I felt their fear. I could tell that they were just so terrified about what was coming for them. They all finally felt that it wasn’t the end of this nightmare it was just the beginning of the torture from the Germans. Some didn’t know that they were going to get killed, others didn’t know they would be tortured and forced to work. This just made me feel even more sad for all these innocent people because they all never deserved any of this. I don’t understand how so many people could do this to so many innocent people. During this quote I could picture all of these people just looking terrified their faces just super pale looking at this woman saying “Fire! Fire!” These people shouldn’t have to feel scared they shouldn’t half to be moved just for being Jewish.