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To kill a mockingbird

In my English class we have just finished reading To Kill A Mockingbird.

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I glued things to describe Miss Maudie to my shoes
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Miss Maudie really liked flowers

For my project I got Miss Maudie. She’s a nice elderly woman who is always looking out for the kids and, their dad. Miss Maudie is always teaching the children lessons ,but mostly Scout. Scout is the youngest child that Miss. Maudie is always looking out for. She’s turned around Scout’s unreasonable behavior from when she was telling weird stories about Boo up to where she was doubting her dad.  After the children’s dad had the trial she helped the kids understand how the trial was unfair because the whites are never fair to the blacks. After that Miss. Maudie gave Jem a bigger piece of cake to show how she knew he was getting older ,but is still a kid in her eyes. The purpose of my project is to walk in Miss. Maudie’s shoes and see stuff from her point of view.

In the beginning of the book I thought Miss. Maudie was going to be a grumpy old lady ,but it turned out that Miss. Maudie was actually a very nice lady who loves to be outdoors and talking to the children.  

On page fifty- seven it says….Miss. Maudie and I would sit silently on her porch, watching  the sky go from yellow to pink as the sun went down, watching flights of martins sweep low over the neighborhood and disappear behind the schoolhouse rooftops.

To me this quote says that Miss Maudie loves to watch the sky and just relax with Scout. It shows to me how she loves to just spend that extra time with Scout and the Other children on summer nights.

Miss Maudie also teaches the kids many lessons on their behaviors like on page sixty-one. The things that happen to people we never really know. What happens  in houses behind closed doors secrets.

This quote is saying that you will never know what’s going on with someone behind closed doors. They could be getting abused and, you would never know. The only way you could know is if they tell you. She is also saying that you can’t always assume something about somebody that you don’t know is true or not.

To describe Miss. Maudie i put an angel emoji to show how innocent and sweet Miss. Maudie is. I then have shaking hands that are black and white to show that Miss. Maudie is not racist. After those i have a picture of the Finch family, i have them on there because Miss. Maudie really cares about the Finch’s. The flower that i have on my shoes is an Azalea. The azalea is the flower that Miss. Maudie really cares about through the whole book she takes really good care of her Azaleas. I feel like all those things is what makes MIss. Maudie who she is and why she looks at things in her own way.

In my second paragraph i said that i thought Miss. Maudie was going to be grumpy. Now i know that Miss. Maudie is not a grumpy old lady she is a caring nice lady who loves to help whenever she can. I now think of Miss. Maudie as a role model who can help me be the nicest person ever.